"Creating thoughtful spaces by colliding contemporary colours, textures, and materials together with balance and harmony."

Briana Peach,

The CEO and interior designer behind Speachless Interiors has been in the design industry since 2013. She appreciates the simple things in life like good food, genuine people, a hard days work, with home always being at the center of it all. She's hoping to shape interior design in such a way that it becomes a normalcy for people to invest in, rather than a delicacy.

Briana curates simple, contemporary, and fresh spaces that have an industrial or rustic edge to them. She accomplishes this by bringing bold & contemporary colours, textures, and materials together to generate harmony throughout the space. She highlights innate characteristics of the home and then adds function, personality, and balance to each room.

Value and comfort are also particularly important to her. It is not just about the look of the space - but also the longevity of the design and how the space makes the client feel. Speachless Interiors does not "spend" your money - it is utilized with the utmost care.

Speachless Interiors clients are typically professional, busy families who are adventurous and are at the stage where they are ready for long-lasting furnishings and décor pieces. "You get what you pay for" is a true statement in most cases. Where Briana truly thrives is when the client is happy to hand over creative freedom to her to produce a beautifully balanced space- based on their needs, wants, and day-to-day lives.

"In my humble opinion, my job is to save you time and utilize your money in an efficient manner. All the while creating the space that has the style and function you want."

Why Choose Speachless Interiors?

  • Innovative, construction-minded designer- certified in Interior Design & Home Renovations

  • Ensures quality of products & trades that are used meet the designer and the industry standards

  • Value and comfort always considered

  • Curating products selectively and utilizing your money with care

  • Vast flooring & tile knowledge - 8+ years in the flooring industry

  • Clear, open, and honest about her process

  • Passionate about interiors, home life, furniture & decor

  • Aiming to generate the highest function possible for each space while keeping it stylish, harmonious, and comfortable

  • Creative mind; not afraid to explore the unusual or unfamiliar - can "think outside the box"

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"I was looking for a designer to plan 2 bathrooms in my home. Briana was recommended to me by a friend and as soon as I met with her, I did not look any further. She was extremely competent, professional and friendly. She put together 3 designs and helped me choose the best one for my needs."

-Surabhi Dave