Interior Selections


At Speachless Interiors we know that when you're working with a renovator, contractor or a builder sometimes they leave the finishing selections completely up to you or you may be renovating your home yourself and are wanting a brag-worthy space without hiring a designer throughout the whole process.  Our certified and experienced Interior Designer can help you achieve that and create that dream space! We provide you with all the finishing’s you need from wall color & textures to light fixtures & appliances based on your wants on style, how you want the home to feel and your family's lifestyle; all with your budget in mind. 


"Briana exceeded my expectations! When I met her I was a bit lost about what finishes and style I wanted to go with for the house I was building. She took the time to really get to know what look I was going for and helped me pick the selections that would make that a reality. She was friendly and quite the artist.. Worth every penny!"


Process of Service:
1. Initial Consultation: The designer will come out to the location that is being transformed for the first initial meeting to get a feel for the space and conduct the meeting. If you're building new than we could go for a lunch meeting or just out for a coffee to discuss. We ask that you accumulate any samples that you have already chosen, are currently liking or are on the fence about. Also, this is the time to present any inspiration photos that you may have of what you love or have seen online or in magazines. We will go over a questionnaire and potentially some extra questions to get to know you and your family, how you like to live and your aspirations when it comes to this project. This meeting is the most important part of the process. This is where the Designer gets to know you and what you want so be very open, honest and share everything so that we can produce the best possible outcome. 


2. Design Phase: The designer will take what you have provided and start to design the space/home. We will coordinate all the selection you've asked for/need. 


3. Presentation: The designer will reach out to you and set up another meeting to present the selections made. We will create a color board with all the samples/selections to help you visualize the concept. From there we can make modifications or adjustments as needed.


Interior Selections Package Options:


Basic Package: Wall color/texture options, flooring, cabinets, countertops, and tile choices.

Price Range: $300-$500


Advanced Package: Basic Pkg + light & plumbing fixtures, appliances, and any other additional requests.

Price Range: $550-$970