Interior Design & Decorating

"The perfect mixture of color, texture and creativity will create an environment that your body & mind will yearn to be surrounded by."

Speachless Interiors' main focus is to create spaces that reflect you, the way you live and function day to day. Designing one room can be overwhelming for lots, let alone bring a whole home together with flow, style and consistency. Our certified Interior Designer is here to help you achieve that feel and style you've been dreaming of. We handle the entire project from beginning to end; focusing on functionality, comfort, health and of course, beauty. Your needs and wants are at the top of our priority list and it reflects in each individual job completed. 


"We appreciate Briana's time and thoughtfulness. She is truly great at what she does! She was able to look at what we love about our home and helped us to make the changes to update it, keeping our style and the needs of our family in mind."  - Kelly - Kincora, Calgary





It's simple - Reach out! 

A Questionnaire will be sent to you. It guides you through chatting about your project, the desired outcome and for the designer to get to know you, your family and how you live day to day.

Budget and rough design costs discussed.



 This is the most important step of the design process - it's really the foundation of the final outcome. 

Meet up with the designer; preferably on site or location to get a feel of the space and it's surroundings.

Be very open, honest and share everything you need and desire out of the space so the designer can produce the best possible outcome.

Collect and save inspiration photos to share with your designer on this day. Inspiration photos could be interiors that you're drawn to, furniture or decor pieces you love, and anything you want to incorporate in your space. Keep in mind not all the photos need to be of home interiors - it could be just artwork or a picture in a magazine that speaks to you or exudes you & your style.

Measurements & before photos to be taken by the designer.

A wish list is created.



The designer explores options and creates a design based on your wish list, space dimensions, restrictions and design strategies.

Trades and other professionals may need access to the space at this stage for quoting purposes.

Costing on furniture and decor may vary from quoted price due to availability, product price increases and unforeseen circumstances. 

Projected Costing Contract and the Terms of Agreement will be sent over to you. A payment schedule and preliminary timeline will be disclosed to you as well.

Sign offs on all paperwork and a deposit will be required to move ahead with the project.



The designer showcases the design created to the client with mood/concept boards sampling materials, supplementary textures, colors, inspo photos, hand-drawn sketches and/or elevations and digital 2D or 3D designs when requested.

Modifications and adjustments may take place in this stage until the client is satisfied with the selections.

Selection sign offs are completed in this stage.



Keys are handed over - or access to the home that has been agreed upon to be set up. Lockbox, hidden key, etc.

All materials and products are ordered. ETA's are received, trades & others confirm their dates and a timeline is solidified. 

The timeline is to give you an educated idea of when all work will commence and be completed - keep in mind things out of the designers control can occur and ultimately change the duration and sequence of the timeline. The timeline is not binding.

The designer oversees the job and fine details. If complications come up - and they do - the designer uses her discretion of timeline, quality, cost and aesthetic to decide if bringing the client into the decision when it comes to the new direction or changing small details of the design is necessary.

The space will come together and start to look beautiful!

If decorating is included, then this is to be completed and set up in this stage as well.



 The Reveal!

Walk through's are done with the designer and the final payment is taken.

Professional photos are taken of the finished space. The designer may opt to take her own.

Enjoy your new space!



"Briana exceeded my expectations! When I met her I was a bit lost about what finishes and style I wanted to go with for the house I was building. She took the time to really get to know what look I was going for and helped me pick the selections that would make that a reality. She was friendly and quite the artist.. Worth every penny!" - Cole - Rocky View County