Interior Decorating & Design


The perfect mixture of color, texture and creativity will create an environment that your body & mind will yearn to be surrounded by.

Speachless Interiors main focus is to create spaces that reflect you and the way you live and function day to day. We know that it can be overwhelming to furnish and decorate a room, let alone a whole house and that is where we come in. Our certified Interior Decorator is here to help you achieve that feel and style you've been dreaming of. We handle the entire project from beginning to end; focusing on quality, health, functionality, comfort and of course, beauty! Your needs and wants are at the top of our priority list and it reflects in each individual job we complete.


"We appreciate Briana's time and thoughtfulness. She is truly great at what she does! She was able to look at what we love about our home and helped us to make the changes to update it, keeping our style and the needs of our family in mind." 


Process of Service:

1. Initial Consultation/Assessment: We will set up a meeting; preferably the space needing the makeover to measure, take photos and get a feel for the current space. If you're building new than we could go for a lunch meeting or just out for a coffee to discuss. We ask that you accumulate any inspiration photos or samples that you have been looking at so that we can get a feel for what you are attracted to. Also, this is the time to address any questions or concerns you may have about the process. We will go over a questionnaire and potentially some additional questions to get to know you and your family, how you like to live and your aspirations when it comes to this project. This meeting is the most important part of the process. This is where the designer gets to know you and what you want so be very open, honest and share everything so that we can produce the best possible outcome. 

2. Design/Decorating Phase: This is the stage where the designer explores options and comes up with the plan. We develop the space with furniture, colors, textures, lighting, decor, etc. for your consideration.

3. Presentation: The designer will present the plan to you by showcasing each item with samples, materials, photos and even drawings/sketches to help you visualize the space as a whole. Modifications and adjustments can be made at this stage. Once the selections are confirmed we will need purchase agreements signed to acquire some of the items and we also require a deposit.

5. Turning Design into Reality:  And the fun begins! We will place all the orders and get all the stages of the design planned and scheduled to meet appropriate timelines. 


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