Home Consultation


At Speachless Interiors we provide Home Consultations with a certified and experienced Interior Designer because we understand that some people are "DIY" type of people and just need a boost in the right direction. Also, with all the online inspiration from the different social media platforms people are able to visualize and create a beautiful space by just referencing pictures. Although online inspiration is a great option, the problem arises when you want a certain look and design in your own home but the design may not be do-able in the space you have to work with. Reason being is those designs are sometimes made for an extremely larger homes, or they could be from a different part of the world where that design is suited for their climates and circumstances, or their budget could be astronomically higher than what you have to work with and much more. A lot of these factors can discourage people and cause a real design dilemma while renovating your own home.


This consultation provides our clients with expert Interior Design & Decorating advise on colors, layouts, fixtures, furniture and even where to shop for specific items to create that space you've been dreaming about and falling in love with online.


Basic Home Consultations - 2hr +


Process of Service:

Contact us today and we will pre-schedule a day and time to come out to your home. Preferably during the day when the sun is out so we are able to see the true colors of your home. We ask that if you're stuck between some options, have already chosen some elements to the design or have inspirational photos from online that you have samples of all or pictures on hand so we can grasp exactly what you have planned and have already chosen.

You will need to pay in person after the consultation by e-transfer, cash or cheque. The Designer will provide you with a bill for you to keep for your records. 


Fixed Price: $250 + $50 per each additional hour